A software for designing,
calculating the profitability of a PV installation and
supporting the sale procesess
We invite you to test the new system, SOLCAD,
dedicated for PV installers, electricians and designers for free
Professional design
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In response to clients’ expectations we designed SOLCAD – a comprehensive system that supports the sale process, enables designing PV instalations and performing financial analisys of the investment.

The software allows full documentation of the project as well as complex calculations, taking into account a number of variables which enable optimal configuration of the installation and selection of proper devices

Simple steps to build a project
Find the location on Google Maps

Choose a location and all of the data regarding insolation and a photo of the location will load automatically

Make a visualisation

Design a rooftop and add enviroment objects that may cast shadow over solar modules.

Install PV panels

Choose the right model from the updated library, and the system will suggest a possible layout of panels.

Choose the inverter

The software will suggest what inverter size should be used for instalation and will run an automatic simulation.

Download the report

It will allow you to present the customer with a comprehensive offer with cost and savings calculations as well as profitability of the investment.

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    Basic features
    Selection the project location in Google Maps

    During the first stage of a new project the user declares a specific location where the installation is planned to be. For this purpose the user opens Google Maps and points to a specific adress or geographical coordinates and then chooses the foundation for the instalation. All of the data regarding sun exposure and weather conditions are automatically loaded.

    Creating a 3D model

    Obtained data - outlines of buildings and other objects are automatically converted into 3D models. Based on the model obtained in this way, visualizations (including a building) and all calculations (including construction of the roof or shading) will be completed.

    Automatic placement of the modules

    On the chosen area of the roof or supporting structure, the system automatically places the panels. The user can also make adjustments to this layout or arrange the modules as desired. The system has information about sizes of the panels as well as technical requirements for installation. This makes it possible to choose the optimal number of panels and the most effective placement.

    Calculation of energy yield

    After choosing the placement, amount and type of panels, the system has all the information necessary to precisely calculate the solar potential of the chosen panel configuration. Information about insolation and weather conditions are automatically sourced from industry portals, and information about shading and solar incidence angle is sourced based on the 3D model. The system automatically calculates and provides information about on energy yield on a daily, weekly or annual basis.

    Configuration of different layouts and connections of panels

    SOLCAD allows to create any number of configurations of the panels themselves, as well as to combine them into strings and an immediate analysis of profitability of each of these variants. This allows quick and reliable selection of optimal solutions adjusted to to the client's needs and financial capabilities.

    Optimal choice of additional components

    Proper choice of additional components such as inverters, energy storages or optimizers plays a big part in the process of designing a complete PV installation. Having derived the parameters from the amount and type of panels as well as their efficiency, the system will suggest optimal specifications for these devices: it will select for example, a proper inverter and indicate whether optimisation is necessary or not.

    Calculating profitability of the investment and the time of depreciation

    Using the complete, final project the user can conduct final economical analyzes that confirm legitimacy of the planned investment and stages of its reimbursement. The information is available in tables or charts. Additionally system users can enter their own parameters such as volatility of prices over time, individual tariffs, equipment depreciation and conduct analysis of profitability in every individual case.

    Reports and offers

    SOLCAD users have the option to define their own reports (with its own LOGO, info about the company, page layout etc.) This way the user can create professional offers directly from the system and include all the information necessary to acquire customers. The user can also create a professional electrical diagram with all of the data necessary for the power company.

    Current climate data

    The system provides the newest Solargis data for the whole world. Users can conveniently check climate data using an interactive map. Locations that aren't included are interpoled using satellite data and adjecent ground-based measuring stations.

    Price SOLCAD
    Standard license
    270 eur net/ year
    Buy SOLCAD software by the end of October at a promotional price
    The license includes
    • License valid for 12 months
    • Free update
    • Technical support
    • Training for 1 person for FREE
    + Additional services
    Designing PV installation
    • Personal cost evaluation of the service depending on difficulty of the design
    • Residential PV and solar farm designs
    • Complete project + calculation
    • Design ready in 24h
    + Additional services
    Support with financing the installation
    • Personal and business loans
    • Leasing up to 7 years
    • Simplified procedures
    • Option to combine the loan with “Mój Prąd” grant
    Our Clients and Partners
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      Are you interested?
      Leave us your contact info!
      We will contact you to provide an offer. We are also open to your suggestions or needs.

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