Frequently Asked Questions

Does Solcad provide actual insolation data for the indicated location?

The Solcad system uses data provided by SOLARGIS. This is an international organization established to collect actual insolation data across the globe. This ensures that all data is real, verified and fully reflective of actual insolation.

Does Solcad take into account additional objects that may interfere with the shading of the modules such as chimneys, trees, dormers, etc.?

Yes, Solcad takes into account every object placed in the design, such as trees, roof structure, chimneys and other buildings. It also takes into account the shadow cast by the PV panels themselves (for example, next to structures on the ground). The system also takes into account the horizon line and its effect on yield and shading.

Can I design a ground-floor installation in Solcad?

Solcad makes it possible to design installations both on the ground and on any type of roof.

Can I design an installation on a roof with different orientation and pitch (several slopes) in Solcad?

Solcad makes it possible to arrange PV panels on different roof slopes. In addition, it will suggest the optimal combination of panels in strings and the selection of inverters to achieve maximum yields.

Will Solcad select the most optimal panel placement?

On the chosen design area, Solcad will automatically select and place the maximum number of Panels. The user can correct such placement individually.

Will Solcad automatically select an inverter?

The system will suggest to the user an inverter with optimal power. On the other hand, the user can freely use the inverter with the power indicated by the system or at his own discretion in the project.

Will Solcad combine the panels into optimal sequences (strings)?

Various simulations can be done in Solcad and modules can be combined, for example, on different slopes or with different orientation into separate “strings” and verify which configuration provides the optimal yield.

Does Solcad allow to calculate the maximum power of a PV installation (to be used, for example, in case of expanding an existing installation)?

Yes, the system makes such calculations. They can be used, for example, when expanding an existing installation and evaluating whether the inverter used will allow the connection of additional panels.

Does Solcad give you the opportunity to apply module optimization?

Solcad’s functionality allows for the inclusion of optimization modules in the design.

Does Solcad automatically prepare the electrical diagram of a PV installation?

The Solcad user will receive an automatically generated wiring diagram of the installation as one of the final results of the work.

Does Solcad have its own library of components ( PV modules, inverters, optimizers)?

Solcad comes with a large library of various components used in the design of PV systems (panels, inverters, optimizers…) In addition, each user can enter their own components.

Does Solcad's profitability analysis include new billing rules, so-called net-billing?

Yes. Profitability calculations can be based, for example, on new billing rules (net-billing).

Can factors such as panel aging, conductor losses, financial costs be included in Solcad's profitability calculations?

The user of the system decides independently whether to include such factors as:

  • Cost of money
  • Cost of maintenance / service of the installation
  • Efficiency loss of PV panels
  • Changes in energy prices
  • Losses on inverter and wiring
  • Amortization

The user can independently set the parameters of the above factors and obtain different variants of calculations. He/she can also simplify the calculation as much as possible and take into account only PV energy yields and the size of current bills. The user can freely create the profitability result.


Can the profitability of the investment include the possibility of installing an energy bank?

Work is currently in progress to make it possible to install an energy bank and include it in the calculation of the profitability of the investment (both the bank itself and the whole PV installation, taking into account different tariffs, energy costs or the hours of maximum energy demand). This functionality will already be available in the next version of the software.

Is it possible to prepare an offer in Solcad both for an individual person (installation for a single-family house) and for a company (installation for a company facility)?

Yes. The project itself is not differentiated, while the investment costs for an individual customer and a company may be different. The factors taken into account in calculating profitability are also different.


Can the cost estimate generated in Solcad take into account additional elements such as wiring, AC/DC boxes, structural elements and others?

The cost estimate developed in Solcad can include additional items that affect the value of the entire investment. These can be both fixing elements (generated automatically from the system), as well as cables, boxes or construction elements. The user determines the values of these elements himself.

Does Solcad provide the ability to show the cost of installation with the current rebates and grants?

The design and cost estimate of a PV installation made for an individual customer will take into account all possible grants or discounts that can be used at the moment.

Does Solcad give the possibility to demonstrate the installation on the building in 3D mode?

Solcad generates a 3D model of the object on which the PV installation is founded. This model can be freely “rotated” and the visual aspects of the project can be verified. The user can also send the 3D visualization to a PDF file and present it to the client.

Can I enter my company's data and LOGO so that it is visible on the offer to the final customer?

Each user (license holder) can enter their own data and it will be visible on the offer. This data can be modified or expanded at any time.

How long does the Solcad license last?

The Solcad software license is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of its activation. After that, it can be renewed for another 12 months. The user will be informed in advance of the license expiration date accordingly.

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